Considerations When Enrolling Your Child In A Private K-12 School

Students in K-12 public and private schools have many opportunities to learn, play, socialize, and grow while they are attending school. It is important to find the best K-12 school for both you and your child. As a parent, you can actively participate in your child's school work and extracurricular activities. Private K-12 schools can have advantages over public schools for many students. Here are some things to consider when you consider enrolling your child in a private school:

Private School Class Size:  Private schools have smaller class sizes. With a reduced number of students, teachers can focus on their individual students. Smaller class sizes also motivate students to ask more questions so they learn more complicated subjects. You can ensure that your child is comprehending their lessons by talking with them about each of their studies and encouraging them to ask questions in class.

Private School Curriculum:  Private schools can set their own academic curriculum. To do this, private schools work within the guidelines of their state and local Department of Education to develop and teach a comprehensive curriculum from kindergarten through high school. Teachers in private schools teach in-depth school subjects to ensure that each of their students is progressing and can advance to their future classes. As a parent, you can meet with your child's teacher to research the details of the classes being taught and research those subjects online. With the guidance of your child's teacher, you can find educational games, stories, activities, and puzzles that expand on your child's current lessons. You can even participate in these auxiliary online lessons along with your child so that you can discuss the lessons and subjects together.

Private School Extracurricular Activities:  Private schools offer many extracurricular activities for students such as sports, music, arts, clubs, carnivals, and field trips. Contact the parent-teacher association (PTA) in your child's school to find how you can participate in some of these extracurricular activities. You may be able to volunteer at varsity sporting events, organize fund-raising events, and chaperone students on field trips. If you have a specific talent or skill, you can volunteer to speak about and demonstrate it at one of your child's club meetings or during a special career day event held for the students. You can also volunteer to referee at a baseball, basketball, soccer, or football game.

When deciding on sending your child to a private K-12 school, research the schools in your local area and make your decision based on the needs and personality of your particular child. Discuss all of the available school options with your child to get their ideas and feeling about enrolling in a particular school. With research and open dialogue with your child, you can enroll your child in a private school that prepares them for further studies in a college, university, or trade school and a full life beyond school. 

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