Five Preschool Specialties That Might Be Right For Your Child

While most preschools concentrate on familiarizing children with the institutionalized education system, play, and preparing them with the fundamentals of reading readiness, parents do have other options. Here's a look at five unique subject areas that can be found in some preschools.

Give Them A Jumpstart In STEM

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—these are the areas of study that make the world go 'round. STEM preschool allows your child to develop an early interest in science experiments, pattern recognition, and the life science of the plant and animal world around them.

Bring Out Their Inner Farmer

Does your child love to be outdoors? Are they happiest when they're playing in the dirt? Maybe they show an interest in gardening or raising animals. Perhaps plants and animals of all kinds are their greatest interest. At a specialty farming preschool, children are introduced to the world of agriculture. They also learn topics such as composting, recycling, ecology, soil science, and taking care of the environment.  

Let Them Toot Their Own Horn

Music is an integral part of life, and some children seem to be born with an innate predisposition for all things music. They may have excellent rhythm love singing or plucking out notes on the piano. If you have a budding musician, encourage their natural talent by choosing a preschool that supports that. In addition to having the opportunity to try different instruments, children are taught about the masters, composition, melody, rhythm, and the components of songs. Children will also learn the fundamentals of singing and reading music as well as learn about the musical styling of other countries.

Grab A Paint Brush

Arts and crafts are one of the most popular activities for preschool children. Painting, drawing, molding a lump of clay, papier-mâché and other mediums all explored. Additionally, there is the opportunity to learn other handicrafts, such as elementary sewing, cross-stitch, weaving, and knitting.

Move The Body

Kinesiology is the study of how the body moves. Some children enjoy activities such as dance and recreational hobbies, like karate or exercise. If your child is geared towards the physical, directing their energy into mastering control over their body and the way it moves may be just the preschool program they need.

Competition for any preschool program can be steep, so be sure to start exploring programs early. Once you find some you are interested in, contact them for more information and to schedule a tour so you can get on their waiting list.  

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While most preschools concentrate on familiarizing children with the institutionalized education system, play, and preparing them with the fundam

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